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Pesona Metro Rallies for Recycling at Construction Sites

On 26 March 2017, Pesona Metro organised a talk on recycling at our Third Avenue project site at Cyberjaya in collaboration with Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia. This talk was aimed to create awareness among construction workers and employees towards recycling including recognizing the need for recycling, categorizing recyclable items and various ways to reduce waste.

Mr. Wie Hock Beng, Managing Director of Pesona Metro, an advocate for recycling activities has strongly urged all his construction workers and employees to follow suit and embrace recycling in their daily lives.

"We have more than 600 workers at our project sites and the waste generated is sizeable. It is very important that they understand the importance of recycling and practise it from their bottom of their hearts. It is only through proper recycling, we can safeguard our mother nature and manage our waste correctly," said Mr. Wie Hock Beng at the campaign.

To mark the launch of this campaign, all the 600 workers were given a water tumbler and food container each to replace the habit of packing food using disposable food containers as the very first step towards a greener society.

The event was well attended by approximately 700 participants from Pesona Metro head office, project sites and sub-contractors.