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  • Board Relationships With Shareholders

    Effective communication and general meetings
    The Board shall maintain an effective communications policy that enables both the Board and Management to communicate effectively with shareholders, stakeholders and the general public.

    It is the role of the Board to ensure that the General Meetings (“GM”) of the Company are conducted in an efficient manner and serve as a crucial mechanism in shareholder communications. This includes the supply of comprehensive and timely information to shareholders and the encouragement of active participation at the GM. The Board shall focus its efforts on the following to enhance the value of the GM:
    • ensure that each Shareholder shall be entitled to receive not less than 21 days’ written notice of all general meetings specifying the date, time and place of the meeting and the business to be transacted;
    • ensure that each item of special business included in the notice is accompanied by a full explanation of the effects of the proposed resolution;
    • for re-election and re-appointment of Directors, ensure that the notice of meeting states which Directors are standing for election or re-election with a brief description to include matters such as age, relevant experience, list of directorships, date of appointment to the Board, details of participation in Board Committees and the fact that a particular Director is independent, if relevant;
    • ensure that the Chairman provides reasonable time for discussion at the meeting upon presentation of the Company’s operations in the financial year and future prospects of the Company. Where appropriate, the Chairman shall also undertake to provide the inquirer with a written response to any significant question which cannot be answered immediately;
    • ensure that substantive resolutions to be voted on are considered by poll and announce the detailed results depicting the votes cast for and against each resolution, including abstentions, in the future. The Chairman shall also inform shareholders of their right to demand a poll vote at the commencement of the general meeting;
    • ensure that there is a channel of communication through the Company Secretary on feedback and queries from shareholders;
    • ensure that the Chairman of the Board shall be the Chairman of all Shareholders’ meeting;
    • ensure that all resolutions of the Shareholders shall be adopted by a simple majority vote of the Shareholders present and voting;