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  • Board Secretary

    The Board consults the Company Secretary on procedural and regulatory requirements and, as such, the latter plays an important role in supporting the Board by ensuring adherence to Board policies and procedures.

    Appointment and removal of Company Secretary
    The appointment and removal of Company Secretary is a matter for the Board as a whole. The Board recognises that the Company Secretary shall be suitably trained, experienced, professionally qualified and capable of carrying out the duties required of the position. Qualifications may be determined subject to academic qualifications, experience in related field and/ or by virtue of examination and membership with professionally recognised institutions.

    On an annual basis, the Company Secretary’s performance shall be appraised by the Board.

    Duties of the Company Secretary
    The Company Secretary shall provide unhindered advice and services for the Directors as and when the need arises, to enhance the effective functioning of the Board and to ensure regulatory compliance.

    Other responsibilities of the Company Secretary
    Other responsibilities of the Company Secretary shall include:
    • ensuring that Board procedures (especially those enshrined in the Company’s Articles of Association) and applicable rules are observed;
    • maintaining records of the Board and ensure effective management of the organisation records;
    • preparing comprehensive minutes to document Board and Shareholder’s meeting proceedings and ensure conclusions are accurately recorded; and
    • carrying out other functions as deemed appropriate by the Board from time to time.