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    1. PURPOSE

    This Policy sets out the approach of Pesona Metro Holdings Berhad with regard to its Board of Directors. The Policy does not apply to diversity in relation to employees of the Group.

    Diversity in this context covers, gender, age, ethnic, cultural background and religious belief. Diversity also encompasses the ways people differ in terms of education, life experience, job function, work experience, personality, location, marital status and career responsibilities.


    Pesona Metro Holdings Berhad agrees that diversity brings value and benefits to the Board. The Company seeks to maintain a Board comprising talented, experienced and dedicated directors with a diverse mix of expertise, skills and backgrounds which suits the nature of the business environment in which the Group operates.

    In determining the Board composition, the Company would look for individuals possessing the relevant skills, knowledge, industry experience, competencies, functional and management expertise and experience from a range of backgrounds, gender, age, cultural, education, ethnicity and mind-set required that is able to contribute effectively.

    When assessing the Board’s composition and performance or when sourcing and identifying suitable candidates for appointment or re-election the Board, the Company will consider the primary needs of the Board and the benefits of diversity to determine the optimum mix of skills, knowledge and expertise required for the Board whilst keeping in mind the strategic and business needs of the Group at the point in time.

    In this regard, the Nomination Committee is entrusted by the Board to review and assess the composition and performance of the Board annually as well as identifying suitably qualified individuals to occupy Board positions.

    The Board through the Nomination Committee reviews this Policy annually and assesses its suitability and effectively in promoting a diverse Board which is to include at least one (1) female director on the Board.

    The Board Diversity Policy was last reviewed by the Board on 27 February 2019.